Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Philosophy Research Seminar

The History of Free Speech in Denmark

Speaker: Frederik Stjernfelt,
Aalborg University Copenhagen, Erskine Fellow in Philosophy

Abstract: Ever since the 2006 "Cartoon Crisis", Free Speech issues have been high on the agenda in Denmark. Recently, the law scholar Jacob Mchangama and myself published a large 1000-pages history of the issue - based on our common stance as "free speech fundamentalists". This paper presents some highlights: the 1620 and 1719 court cases against Dybvad and Dippel, the 1770 complete abolishment of censorship by Struensee (a candidat for a world's first), the 1797 doctrine of Michael Birckner - and of course the Cartoon Crisis and its aftermath.

Time: Tuesday 14 March, 11am—1pm

Place: Logie 104

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